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What is Spot-On?

Leaving the agency world in 2003, I starting Spot-On to be able to work directly with my clients rather than having the client-to-creative communications miscommunicated by traveling through multiple channels.

Is Spot-On a studio or a one-man operation? Spot-On works as a virtual studio, where I network with other seasoned designers, copywriters, and programmers as needed to deliver effective solutions that grab attention, influence consumers to take action and make connections to help turn customers into advocates.

branding, marketing strategy, design, photo editing.

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“Design isn’t just about visual appeal. It must first recognize the problem and then work to create a solution. A shinning execution of a dull strategy serves no purpose.”

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Spot-On has designed award-winning solutions for a wide array of clients from local small businesses to global Fortune 500 companies.

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